IIIT Delhi Summer Internship 2018

By | April 26, 2017

IIIT Delhi Summer Internship 2018 – Apply Online at www.iiitd.ac.in:

Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, Delhi has recently issued IIIT Delhi Summer Internship 2018 Notification on its official website at www.iiitd.ac.in. The candidates who are pursuing Graduation in any discipline, are eligible apply online for IIIT Delhi Summer Internship 2018. IIIT Delhi requires skilled and talented candidates to work on some projects for two to four months.

The candidates who have expertise knowledge in respective work field, only those will be selected for IIIT Delhi Summer Internship 2018. The deserving candidates can apply for maximum three projects. Therefore, we recommend the candidates to choose the projects of their interest carefully while applying for Internship. Because no changes will be allowed after the Application is submitted.

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IIIT Delhi Summer Internship 2018

IIIT Delhi Summer Internship 2018

The IIIT Delhi has issued Summer Internship 2018 Scheme for talented students and researchers. The candidates who wish to do Internship with IIIT Delhi, will have to work on full-time basis. The IIIT Delhi Summer Internship Program 2018 contains many projects of various fields. The candidates can apply online for the Project of their interest from the list mentioned below:

Sr. No. Project Name Project Details Duration
1 Doppler radar for tracking humans hardware, software, signal processing 2 to 3 months
2 3D avatar creation 3D avatar creation 2 to 3 months
3 Machine learning for Green Wireless Networks Design of decision making policies using online learning algorithms to improve energy and/or spectral efficiency of green wireless networks. 3 months
4 Online Social Media To study various Privacy and Security aspects of Online Social Media 3 months
5 RFID for IoT Applications RFID for IoT Applications 2 months
6 Spectrum sharing in 5G The interns will investigate various spectrum sharing techniques for the proposed 5G Standard. The work will involve comprehending technical concepts related to spectrum sharing and 5G as well as simulate these techniques in Matlab. If time permits, hardware implementation may also be required. 2 months
7 SDN Routing in SDN 3 months
8 Autonomous vehicle planning with wireless communication Interns will work on various aspects of making a vehicle autonomous. They will also consider using information available from a wireless network to improve the decisions made by the autonomous vehicle. They will be a part of the project SWARATH at IIIT. Students will test their work on a e2o and a e-rick 3 to 6 months
9 Designing WiFi networks for capacity Student will automate the process of deploying a wireless network to maximize capacity in a given building/office. 3 months
10 3D ICs Tackling power density issues of 3D ICs 3 months
11 ACM India Website Require someone with good web programming skills 3 months
12 Multimedia Surveillance and Forensics The project involves determining multimedia evidence authenticity and requires a good background of Image Processing, Machine Learning algorithms along with strong coding skills. 3 months
13 FlavorDB: A database of flavor molecules Compilation of a flavor molecules database/web-server. The project involves following components: (a) compilation and curation of molecules found in food ingredients (starting from the in-house data of 1170 flavor molecules compiled already), (b) implementing strategies for prediction of taste of flavor molecules using WEKA/other machine learning tools (c) implementation of a web-server using WAMP. Knowledge of WEKA (machine learning) and WAMP is highly desirable. 3 months
14 Prediction of drug side effects using machine learning strategies The project involves prediction of side effects prediction using existing data and readily available machine learning tools (WEKA). The intern is expect to achieve training in: Dealing with biological, chemical data; Computational manipulation of data from genes, proteins, drugs and phenotypic side effects, Implementation of machine learning algorithms for prediction of side effects. 2 months
15 Food pairing analysis This project involves analysis of food pairing in different world cuisines, aligned with studies done in Indian cuisine. The intern is expected to have very good command in python coding and interest in data analytics. 2 months
16 Computational analysis of food-disease associations network This project involves compilation of food-disease association data from literature using natural language processing tools and further network analysis to draw inferences. The intern is expected to have very good command in python coding, natural language processing and interest in data analytics. 2 months
17 Swarath – Driverless Car Perception Module – Vision + LIDAR for lane, curb, traffic light, traffic sign detection and recognition 3 months
18 LiFi co-existence of WiFi and LiFi 2 months
19 A Data-science approach to Feature Learning for Clinical Decision Support in the Intensive Care Units The project focuses on bridging unsupervised feature learning with the clinical evaluation of features learnt from intensive care data 2 months
20 USV path planning for bathymetry mapping The goal of this project is to develop path planning strategies under different waves and ocean currents for a USV to map the sea bed. Based on the information of bathymetry the re planning of the vehicle must be carried. The analysis will be done using ROS and Kingfisher. 3 months
21 Self-adapting security solutions for critical cyber infrastructures Comparative analysis of various reinforcement learning algorithms for effectively securing critical cyber infrastructures 3 Months
22 Graph signal processing of networks Using novel graph signal processing approach on different kinds of networks such chromatin interaction network or social networks 3 Months
23 Virtual campus project  — 2 to 3 months
24 Automated evaluation of medium and high complexity answers to questions Imagine you are appearing for an interview and the interviewer is a computer. It may ask you fairly complex algorithm or data structure questions. Not only that, it won’t require any human intervention to evaluate the answers. The principal challenge involved is that “speech recognition”, followed by “NLP” might not be the most promising way of dealing with the problem since speech recognition is still not reliable enough. Aim of this short term project is to create a prototype for “speech” frees (ideally) evaluation of answers to complex technical questions. 3 to 4 months
25 Characterizing and comprehending spatio-temporal agricultural land use changes in India’s Gangetic Plains The project will involve utilizing data-intensive statistical tools to investigate and summarize spatial and temporal agricultural land use changes. Thereafter, we will identify factors that drive these land use changes, including access to infrastructure, availability of credit, soil quality, climate change etc. 2 to 3 months
26 Deep learning  in Genomic Data in cancer research Deep learning will be employed to carry out classification of cancer using genomic data. 3 months
27 EEG data analysis To study the impact of meditation on human brain via EEG data analysis 3 months
28 Inferring signalling networks from perturbation biology The aim is to extract networks from high throughput perturbed biological data using Bayesian framework and Deep learning techniques 3 months
29 RFID + IOT  — 3 months
30 Aerial Video Person Reidentification Project deals with re-identification of a person from air-borne videos captured through drone. Requires knowledge of Deep Learning, RNNs. 3 months
31 Medical Volume Processing  — 3 months

Name of Organization:

Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology (IIIT), Delhi

Official Website:


Name of Internship:

IIIT Delhi Summer Internship 2018

Eligibility Criteria:

The candidates must have one of the following qualifications:

  • In any year of Graduation /Bachelor’s Degree in any discipline.
  • Completed Graduation recently.

In addition to above degree, the candidates must have expertise skills in relevant project work selected in IIIT Delhi Summer Internship 2018.

For more details on Eligibility, please refer Official Notification.

Duration of Internship:

The IIIT Delhi will arrange Summer Internship 2018 for Two to Four Months only.

Stipend Details:

The candidates will get Monthly Stipend during Summer Internship 2018 based upon their knowledge and skills in relevant work.

Process of Selection:

The IIIT Delhi Selection Committee will appoint eligible candidates for Summer Internship through Screening Test /Interview.

Certificate of Internship:

For details about Certificate of Internship, the candidates are advised to refer Official Notification.

How to Apply Online for IIIT Delhi Summer Internship 2018:

  1. Go to IIIT Delhi official website at www.iiitd.ac.in.
  2. Find out Placements section on upper right side of home page.
  3. Navigate to Internships tab and click on it to go to relevant page.
  4. Search for Summer Internship 2018 and select the link.
  5. Go through all guidelines, instructions and Project list provided by IIIT Delhi.
  6. You can choose three projects of you choice as per your interest.
  7. Click on Apply link for your desired project to proceed.
  8. Fill up the Online Application Form with necessary personal, educational and other details.
  9. Upload your CV as per instructions.
  10. Click on Submit button to complete Application Procedure.
  11. Save your Application Registration ID/Number for reference.
  12. Take printout of your Application Form for record and more use.

Important Dates:

Commencement of Online Application Registration: 1st Week of February 2018

Last Date for Submission of Online Application: 2nd Week of March 2018

Result /List of Selected Candidates will be Declared: 2nd Week of April 2018

Click to View Official Notification

Click Here to Apply Online for IIIT Delhi Summer Internship 2018

Kindly log on to IIIT Delhi Portal at www.iiitd.ac.in to get further information regarding Summer Internship 2018 Notification for Internship Program to be held by Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, Online Application Form, Eligibility Criteria, Duration of Internship, Stipend Details, Process of Selection, Important Dates and Process for Online Registration of IIIT Delhi Summer Internship 2018.